• "If you crave innovative, attractive food delight, Michael Tortora delivers with consistent artistry"

    Jack Ricchiuto, Tremont, OH - 19-time author of "Beyond Recipes"
  • "CLAMtastic!"

    Mary Kean, Tremont, OH
  • "The CLAM JAM is an amazing beautiful seafood feast! This guy should be a professional chef!"

    Greg Morris, Tremont, OH - Wine & Design, owner
  • "The CLAM JAM is the perfect fusion of the classic clam bake and Cajun brunch. Fabulous food and freindship created by a world class host. Bon Appetite!"

    Myrl Roberts, Tremont, OH
  • "It wasn't bad! I wouldn't change a thing!" ;-)

    Dante Boccuzzi, Executive Chef, Tremont, OH