Pick Your Pot

Each recipe is artfully crafted & kitchen-tested to bring you delicious flavors from an inpiring culinary region. The choice for authentic spice blends & herbs, the essence of aromas, and the medley of flavors, promise to allure and satisfy your seafood appetite! 

So, pick your Pot (or two) and schedule your very own "Clam Jam" party today!


    The 'Cleveland' pot (shellfish, local sweet corn, smoked kielbasa, Dortmunder lager, creamers, toasted spices, spicy chorizo lobster white wine broth and more) emulates the Tremont & Ohio City neighborhood's exciting food scene. It's fairly easy to get caught up in the excitement! This side of town employs some of the top chefs in the country and it also offers the freshest ingredients within the region. The purveyors can easily be found down at Cantonese Classic Seafood on the East Bank of the Cuyahoga River, Tremont Farmer's Market in Lincoln Park and, of course, the historic West Side Market in Ohio City. Landmark ingredients from our landmark establishments. I'm very proud to serve to you my very own "landmark" pot of seafood fare!

    The 'Bangkok' pot (shellfish, sweet corn, grilled pork sausage, creamers, Taiwanese spices, Bok Choy, spicy chicken red curry broth, and more) was created around the 5 essential Thai tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, and Hot. All served with Jasmine sticky rice!
  • GULF

    The 'Gulf' pot (shellfish, sweet corn, Louisiana Andouille sausage, Abita Golden lager, creamers, spicy chorizo lobster white wine broth, and more) was created around the flavors of Cajun cuisine. This pot is loaded with down south flavors most popular within the Louisiana Gulf Coast region!